Dissolving Mind Loops

Self Help Process

Dissolving negative event response. 

Dissolving Mind Loops is a simple but effective technique, designed to dissolve the mental and emotional circuitry that can be created from a specific, recent event. Events we are describing commonly occur when experiencing a seemingly, small upset in our life that we have difficulty letting go or releasing. An event triggers an upsetting thought, and the thought is linked to a negative emotion. Often it's the sudden, unexpected intrusion into your energy field that causes the most recurring angst. Such an experience can seem to repeat itself, over and over again on the mental plane, thereby triggering emotional reactions. It's particularly so when the emotional assault takes us completely by surprise. On the surface they may seem quite trivial, particularly to an outsider, but it has the potential to loop around on itself. These can be the sort of recurring thought patterns that prevent you from sleeping at night with the, I should’ve done; I could've said; but didn't; type of scenario. You just can't stop thinking about it. 

Note: This process is not designed to deal with trauma, or entrapped emotions from years in the past. 

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